about copainter

> sketch / draw / paint online

copainter is a web app, i.e. it runs in your browser without any installation

> sketch / draw / paint together with friends and others

share access to pictures and work together on the same canvas at the same time

> share sketches / drawings / paintings instantly

copainter provides the necessary links to share pictures on the web instantly

> stop and continue anytime - on different computers - without saving

your pictures live in the cloud and wait patiently until you return

guide / how-to

  • set up a picture by clicking start
  • each picture has a number and a key
    (found on the picture info panel)
  • remember the key to continue a picture later
  • share the key to let others join your picture
  • every action is saved automatically

  • publish a picture to
    • include it in the gallery
    • show it on its own page at:
    • embed it on the web by using:

  • republish to replace an old version with your current version, all links stay the same, everyone will see the last published version

opacity control /
opacity jitter

opacity jitter takes a huge toll on performance and therefore requires fast hardware. re-/loading a picture that uses opacity jitter takes much longer.

tip: speed between browsers varies significantly so try out different browsers if this feature is important to you.

save locally

every stroke / action is saved on the server and thus is your picture, but you are free to save the canvas as an image file at any time by right-clicking on the canvas and choosing 'Save image...' from the context menu.

full screen

if you need more breathing room try the full screen mode of your browser. hit F11 to enter/exit full screen mode.

feedback /

love / hate / missing something?
email: copainter(at)b12r.at
twitter: @b_1_2_r

pen tablet

you can use any pen tablet with copainter.

windows users may want to turn off distracting operating system features for pen tablets like flicks or pen feedback. a guide can be found here.

pressure sensitivity (for opacity control) is available for wacom tablets and requires a browser plugin which is installed automatically with the latest wacom driver software. please note that chrome does not support plugins anymore.

privacy policy

  • what data is stored:
    • every action while painting (= every stroke)
    • if published: two image files of your picture (original and thumbnail size)
    • no personal info unless provided in optional fields like artist, title and comment

  • how your data is used:
    all rights to your pictures belong to you. copainter doesn't claim any rights except those needed to provide the service. image files of published pictures show a bar at the bottom with the copyright symbol and the artist's name (if provided). the bar also includes the copainter logo. if you remove the logo, please give credit to copainter in some other way.

  • when does copainter share pictures:
    copainter doesn't share unpublished pictures. published pictures will be publicly available in the gallery and at the following addresses: www.copainter.org/picture/<number>, www.copainter.org/picture/<number>.jpg.

  • how copainter stores data:
    copainter is built with google application engine. therefore all data resides on servers from google.

  • how long does copainter keep my data:
    for the time being pictures will be available/editable without a time limit. if server costs rise significantly in the future this will probably have to change.